Things Must Teach Children About Umrah

April 27, 2016

One of the main concerns for parents handling their children when they take them along for Umrah. It is easier to manage Umrah trip if the children are above 5 years of age but if they are younger it becomes difficult deal with them. There are various things are to be taken in order to take proper care of them and must teach children about umrah. Many Travel agents generally have traveling discounts offer for children, ask your agent to provide you with concessions for kids that are accompanying you on Umrah . Alhijaz Travel provides economical Five star 2016  Umrah package with family from London with hotel and flight which offer discounts when you travel for Umrah with family and or children.

There are some guidelines that can be helpful to make your children for the Holy journey

  1. Before starts your trip to read them stories and alert them your own personal stories with Islam. It`s a feel-good thing for both parents and children.
  2. All time it is necessary for children especially under 5
  • wear an ID card with all the information
  • on the ID card must mention name of the children
  • name of Parents
  • Passport Number
  • Saudi Contact Details
  • US Contact Details
  • Name of the Hotel.

3.This is necessary because we need to teach our kids from young that firstly planning and preparation is very important. God prohibit, if your kids get lost in the place, they are usually found by the security personnel of the Mosque. In case such an event happens, contact them.

4.There are several travel agents who organize umrah packages. Alhijaz Luxury  Umrah uk providers for family and offer for all the necessary guidelines that you need to follow once in the Land of God. For food do come prepared with little snacks and take or buy fruits and dates for your comfort. You may create a few games about Umrah. Each day, the children can be reward and with something they like. This will help keep their best knowledge and faith in check.

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