The Great Value Of Patience

August 25, 2016

Value Of Patience In Islam

This is because patience is so valuable which all religions offer us models to follow. Buddhists are taught that practicing the patience of Buddha is one of the ways to reach clarification, however, patience is one of the ninety-nine divine qualities of God in the Quran. According to the Old Testament, Job is the essence of patience, while Christians are enthused by the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Because of the value of patience, there is no doubt that at one time or the other, someone has told us that we must be more patient. Maybe that’s how we talk to ourself or our kids (I know I do!) Did it work? Most likely not. Just telling ourselves we should do something – and then beat ourselves up when we don’t – is not effective. All it does is create blame and shame.
Did you know impatience is a habit, for which patience is too? Strong motivation is wanted to change a habit, that can only be attained by identifying the rewards that would be established from the new behavior. Next, we need a mindset that inspires the change we want to see. Finally, we need the tools of change. We need to research with new performances and notice the effects they have in our lives.

On the other side, Mastering patience is meant to be done slowly, to be fully felt and existed with. This is soul work and mind training and it takes practice and time. Such as, I have been deliberately practicing patience for different years now and there are still times when I blow my stack. The patience is the only thing though you can do everything best and easily like umrah like the spiritual journey by cheap umrah packages.


For example, hajj and umrah are a spiritual and exciting journey. Because this promises to support us reclaim our time, priorities, and ability to respond to life and all of its demands. With patience, we are in the driver’s seat of our own lives. Today people can easily perform umrah with umrah packages 2017 at any time of the year.
Meanwhile, Patience plants us firmly in the ground of our being, content with who and where we are. Patience makes us happier, it leads us to success, and it gives us greater peace of mind every day. Who could resist that invitation?

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