The Jinn Mosque

September 6, 2016
Jinn Mosque

Masjid Jinn

Masjid Jinn or the Mosque of Jin is also known as Masjid Haras or Masjid Bayah. Jin called to be Ghost in Islamic language. This Masjid is constructed on the fact where Abdullah ibn Masood stationary on the information of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when they went to meet Jinns who required to hold Islam. It is very famous Mosque amongst Muslims. When people come to visit

Hajj and Umrah they visit this Holy mosque and recall all the stories which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told his nation. Its is Famous and written in Islamic books earlier starting Quran Introduction, Ghost had control to extent to the skies where they used to preference some choices or instructions conferred by angels. Ghost cast-off to come to the earth and tell what they got but after exposure Of Quran they caressed that now here was some control which had been limiting them to go to skies.

It is now built by light grey marble. Before it was Red tiled mosque located very near to “Haram” Makkah between two townships, called Shoab-Amir and muhalla Salmania. This residence can be found if anyone comes out from “Haram” done ‘Bab-e-Mararwa where Saai comes to an end. Visitor must take left turn to first road outside haram .it is souaq-ul-lail sheltered with sheds. In native language it is called CHAPRA Market. Cross this cool street you discover a mosque there.


It is not masjid-e-jinn. Several people incorrectly think this is masjid-e-jin. No, departure this mosque overdue, keep ambulatory straight on the left hand side of the road till you reached near an ordinary upstairs bridge. Just contiguous to this upstairs bridge you will discover mosque at your left. It is masjid-e-jin or Ghost Mosque.If you will go for hajj or umrah with December Umrah packages you can see it.

It is quoted that once a group of Ghost was flying over the dwelling where now this mosque is located, they caught the holy words of Quran from the mouth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who had been present Morning Prayer. After attending the holy words of Quran, Ghost said with each other’s that those were the arguments which had been averting them to go to skies. Ghost understood the realism of factual faith and they came down. Attended the cantos of holy Quran and acknowledged Islam on the hands of Prophet Muhammad (PBHU) at this place. Since of such aim this mosque is called “Masjid-e-Jinn”.


It is mention in the book of Hadith a brother companion explains Prophet (PBUH) said: So a visitor from Jinn’s derive to me, and I go with him and recited Quran to them.”.  He further describes that Prophet (PBUH) took him and present him their paths and traces of their fire. Companion of Prophet (PBUH) asked the Prophet about their nourishment and provision. He implored to Allah and told them, “You will have every bone over which the name of Allah has been stated.

Futhermore, when it falls into your hands it will have plenty of meat on it. And all mucks are food for your animals. This is Holy mosque you can get great reward if you pray there. We have good packages for you. Our Easter Umrah packages will fulfill your Holy Desire in economical price.

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