Holy Place Of Khyber And Ali ibn E Talib (r.a)

September 9, 2016

Holy Place Of Khyber

Holy place of Khyber is known by name of brave man Ali ibn e talib. On the 13th of the month of Rajab, twenty-three years before the relocation of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) a child was born in the family of Abu Talib, the light of whom kindled the whole World. Ali Ibn e Talib was born within the Holy kabbah with his eyes locked and his body in humble bowing before the Almighty.

Ali Ibn E Talib is very close to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was the cousin of Prophet and first in the Children who accept Islam. He was very brave intelligent and wise. Prophet call him the door of knowledge. He is very famous for the place and war of Khyber. Prophet choose him for the fight of Khayber.If you get chance you must See this place. It is Only possible when you go for Hajj and Umrah packages 2017.

Khyber is a town Ninety miles north of Medina, in a harra or volcanic area, well-water with many springs delivering forth from its basaltic rocks and mountains. It has an excellent irrigation system and crops rich yields of dates and grain. In the seven era, Khyber was occupied by Jews. The populations had stored in a stronghold at Khaybar a siege-engine, swords, spears, protections and other artillery. In the past some academics tried to clarify the attendance of the weapons, signifying that they were used for relaxing quarrels among the families of the public. It is suggesting that it is more logical to assume that the arms were stored in a yard for upcoming sale.


Similarly, the Jews kept twenty bales of cloth and five hundred cloaks for sale, and other treat goods. The defeat of Khyber is a landmark in the past of Islam as it is the start of the Islamic State and Territory. Khyber was the first movement in which non-Muslims were made the topics of the Islamic State. It was the first time that the values of organization in Islam were defined and practical. So, Khyber is the first fruitful drive of Islam.

At Khyber, the promising Islamic State learnt new topics and new lands. It was the start, not only of the Islamic State but also of its development. If the defeat of Khyber is the beginning of the Islamic State, then Ali ibn Abi Talib, its defeater, is its main architect. Khyber was conquering by Great companion and brother of Prophet (PBUH). When you get the chance of Umrah and Hajj you can visit this historical place. We are giving you economical and Cheap Umrah packages 2017 in low cost. Its affordable and best for you.

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