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Check List To Perform Umrah And Hajj

October 6, 2016
Perform Umrah

Perform Umrah And Hajj With Ease

Perform Umrah is a holiest ritual of Muslims across to the Makkah. Literally, Umrah means to visit the place which is tightly populated. As of the Hajj, the Umrah has huge value and rewards in Islam. For the content of travelers, Alhijaz umrah packages with flights,tickets,transport are giving to the umrah pilgrimages, to take their way ahead to the Makkah, more effortlessly. If the nomad takes along all the vital items with him/her, the chance of opposite unwanted circumstances will minimize. A checklist for packing helps travelers ensure that they pack all the necessary items. Communal under is a list of items which is required by every person who leaves for Umrah.

The Important Things for Umrah and Hajj

Things to Learn.
a) What is Hajj/ Umrah, its past.
b) Why are we going to perform Hajj/Umrah.
c) Rewards of Hajj/Umrah
d) How to perform Hajj/Umrah – its supports, obligatory and sunnah actions. Why thee) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Take your hajj resources from me”.
f) Learn the relevant Supplications
g) What violates the state of Ihram
h) Review our prayers (Salah) and purification (Wudu)
i) Manners of supplications

Some Important Things

a) Umbrella.
b) Pairs of Slippers. Towels.
c) Toiletries (Shampoo, Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, Soap, etc.).
d) Snacks, dry fruit items.
f) Tissue Papers.
g) Clock with alarm.
f) General medicines for benign viral infections, headache, indigestion etc.
h) Special medicines (Inhaler for Asthma).
i) Detergents.
j) A couple of plastic cups, plates and glasses.
k) Nail Cutters, scissors, the minor knife for wounding fruits (Do not save them in your pointer luggage).
l) A Travel Sewing Kit (Thread, Pointer, Buttons, Care pins etc.) and a travel Iron., Pen and paper.

The Checklist for Hajj/ Umrah (Documents)

Make sure that you join the Umrah related sessions and workshops organized by your travel agent and which is included your Umrah visa, so that you are conscious of all the steps to be occupied, in prior. Tally the checklist for Umrah Documents, safeguarding that you have all the required travel pamphlets with you, before your permission for Umrah.
a) Passport/ umrah visa
b) National Identity Card
c) Airline Ticket
d) Hotel Vouchers
e) Transport Vouchers or tickets
f) Health Insurance Certificate
g) Relationship Certificate (Case specific)
h) Extra Photographs
i) Contact List/ Phonebook/Special Numbers
It is highly optional to carry US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euros (Rather, big denominations) sometimes your Umrah packages agents will guide you.

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