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Prophet Moses And His Miracles

December 6, 2016
Prophet Moses And His Miracles

Quran and Prophet Moses’s Miracles:

Prophet Moses and his miracles are mentioned in Quran. Allah is the God of the Universe. He sends Prophets to show the right path to the world. There are many Prophet who are in the verses of Quran. God Tell their stories in the Quran. There are verses in Quran which is summary about the story of great prophet Moses(PBHU). God ordered Moses to warn the Pharaoh that he and the Egyptians would hurt a severe sentence if the children of Israel were not set free. If the agony, domination, and pestering did not stop, the signs of God’s wrath would slope upon them.

Pharaoh’s account was to call all the people of Egypt counting the children of Israel to a large meeting. He informed them that he was their Lord, he piercing out that Moses was no more than a lowly slave with no power, forte or might. Moses strength though came directly from God. The people though believed and submitted Pharaoh: the signs of God’s control began to Israel there was the fisrt kiblah of the Muslims and them after Prophet Muhmmad Mustafa its change which is in Makkah Muslim perform Hajj and Umrah there with many services like Umrah Pilgrimage services by Alhijaz Travel.


There are many miracles which God provide to prophet Moses like

  • The personnel rotating into a sneak
  • His hand becoming bright white
  • Pharaoh and his people see ages of lack and shortage of crops
  • Moses courageous and Pharaoh reduced powerless to harm him
  • The flood
  • The locusts
  • The lice
  • The frogs
  • The blood

Allah mention in verse of Quran in one Chapter Then afterward them (those messengers,) We sent Moses with Our signs and miracles to Pharaoh and his bests, but they acted unfairly towards them, so see what was the consequence of the corrupts.

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