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Prophet Hud : Prophet Of Allah

December 7, 2016
Prophet Hud

Allah send many Prophets and mention in Quran. Prophet Hud (PBUH) is one of them. He is great Prophet of God. In the marketplaces, many would use false weights to trickster people the poor people consumed all of their money but still couldn’t get sufficient to eat. The rich people kept wealth to themselves and declined to listen to anyone’s advice. Allah the greatest chose one man from amongst them to be a Prophet. This man was called Hud (PBUH). Prophet Hud (PBUH) tried to teach the people of ‘Ad that there is only one God and that everything – rain and safety and food and health -is from Him. Hud (PBUH) told them over and again to stop adoring their heroes.

He demanded them to live rendering to Allah’s the Lord will. So he warned them about Allah’s sentence of those defied Him, and particularly for those who adored false gods. Then he told them “0 my people! I am not requesting for reward from you. I am just sent by Lord of the worlds to caution you and call you back to the path of truth and golly. If you ask clemency from Allah and alteration your ways, He will make you stronger than you are now. He will give you plenty of rain and He will accept you. You must not continue your wicked ways. “These all floors written in Quran which reveled on Prophet Muhammad (PBHU) who buried in Madinah. Muslim go for hajj and Umrah in that place. Muslim go for the hajj and umrah with cheap umrah packages 2017 by Alhijaz Travel.

One momentous day the weather altered. The red-hot heat changed to biting cold and the wind began to wail. The violent wind increased with each new day and the people started to seek housing. The storm fumed for additional than a week. It torn apart tents and dwellings, it whipped away sartorial and tore the skin from the body. Its mention in Quran They were demolished by an energetic fierce wind which God compulsory on them for seven nights and eight days in series, so that you could see men lying conquered (destroyed) as if they were resonating trunks of date tributes.

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