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Camel Of Great Prophet Saleh

December 9, 2016
Camel Of Great Prophet Saleh

The Great Prophet Saleh is the messenger of God. His story is written in Quran. What are the base and circumstance for punishment of his nation? The people who belongs to Saleh. They are very greed and don’t follow the right path. They demand some miracle from Great Prophet Saleh(PBHU) then Allah send one camel for him. After some time in the greed they killed camel of Saleh(PBUH).

Just wanted to worship the same gods as their fathers had, with no aim, no resistant, no supposed. The proof of Salah’s (PBUH) message was obvious, but anyhow this it was clear that most of his people did not believe him. They disbelieved his words, thinking he was lucky, and they watched that he would not stop preaching. Dreading that his groups would increase, they tried to put him off by transmission him an important task; to prove that he was a messenger of Allah by execution a miracle. Many peoples have dream they go for umrah and hajj with five star best umrah package uk with Luxury umrah flight package.

Allah decided to give Saleh this miracle and a huge, unique, she camel appeared from the direction of the mountain. The Quranic observers said that the people of Thamud met on a certain day at their meeting place, and the prophet Salah (PBUH) came and spoke them to believe in Allah, reminding them of the favors Allah had granted them. These place is called median which is lesson for the people who don’t follow One God and his path then God will have punished them in this world as well as in the other world after death. these places have short distance from Madinah.

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