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Common Mistakes During Umrah And Hajj

December 9, 2016
Common Mistakes During Umrah And Hajj

Hajj and Umrah is Blessing for the Muslims. There are some common mistakes in performing hajj and umrah just be briefly explan. Its wish of every Muslim to go for umrah with five star best umrah package uk with Luxury umrah flight package and its obligation for them to perform all the rite of Hajj and Umrah.

There is some common mistakes which Islamic pilgrims must attend. Some pilgrims avoid the chosen Position of ihram on their way without also being in Ihram or incoming into ihram there, happening until they spread Jeddah or some other place within the grounds of the Positions, at which they enter into ihram. This is in contradiction of the knowledge of Allah’s Messenger (PBHU) which specifies that every pilgrim should arrive into ihram at the Position of ihram which lies on his route. If this happens to someone, he must either go back to the Position of Ihram deceitful on his way and there enter into ihram, or he must make compensation by sacrificing a sheep in Makkah and nourishing all its meat to the poor.

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This applies to all Islamic pilgrims irrespective of whether one passes the Station of ihram by air, by sea or by terrestrial. If one did not pass finished one of the five chosen Station of ihram. He should enter into ihram at aopinion which is adjacent to the Station of ihram on his way. Many Islamic Pilgrims when they travel to Makkah and Medina with five star best umrah package uk with Luxury umrah flight package they pray to the graves. They make supplication to the prophet of Allah (peace be upon him). This could not only ruin their Hajj and umarh it could invalidate their Islam.

  • Do not scrub graves for blessings.
    Do not make supplication to anyone except Allah.
  • When going to Medina and Makkah, your preliminary meaning should be to visit prophet Mosque An-Nabawi, the Prophet’s Masjid.
  • The Jamarat are not Devils, and Satan is not tied up for the pelting of himself. Hajjis that hold this fallacy end up swearing, execration, tossing sandals, etc. It is aninstruction from Allah to worship Allah by proverb withapiecestone.
  • You do not have to bath your stones.
  • Do not throw flip-flops or wood or big rocks. This is all in contradiction of the Sunnah.
  • Do not offended/thrust when at the Jamarat.

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